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Is Your Dog Ready To Go Off Leash

  • Do you have a dog aggressive dog?
  • Do you have a people aggressive dog?
  • Do you have a dog that doesn’t like kids?
  • Do you have a dog that can’t help but chase small or even big animals?

Then He Shouldn’t Be Off Leash, Ever!

That doesn’t mean you can’t take him to a fenced in and controlled area and train for it in case an emergency ever happens; but not all dogs can be safely off leash.

And, always obey your leash laws!

If your city, or county says no dogs can be off leash; don’t do it!  It’s not worth the fine!

And, remember not all dogs are friendly.

Your dog may be friendly off leash, but you had better have enough control that he leaves other dogs totally alone or someday he might find a dog that wants to kill him.

If you take your dog off leash, it should be a law abiding activity and you should have total control.

And, with that I say go train and have fun!