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Group Walks

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Dog Walking – Group Adventures

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We call them adventures because that’s what they are. Dogs that join Outdoor Pet Care on our workouts get to experience the Berkeley they might not see every day. Each dog adventure is a fast-paced off-leash hike with a fit and attentive expert and certified dog walker, in one of the several trails in Strawberry Canyon, Tilden Park, Albany Bowl, or Claremont Canyon. Your dog(s) get to socialize, get that energy working, a lot of fun romping with a group or pack of not more than six dogs at a time.

Outdoor PetCare Adventures begin with each dog getting picked-up and end with their being brought home refreshed, relaxed, and happy. Getting your dog back refreshed, relaxed, and happy should take only about 1.5 to 3 hours, total.

The recommended workout schedule is a minimum of two sessions a week. Consistency is crucial, so getting the 5x-weekly adventure is highly advised. Schedules should be pre-arranged prior to the pet’s first session. Cancellations or schedule re-sets must be made no later than 24 hours (business hours, please) before the scheduled workout, through email, text message, or call. Kindly wait for the notice to be acknowledged.

Important Note: I take careful consideration in choosing the dogs that go together in a pack in every Outdoor Pet Care adventure. Each adventure and leash walk is based on the consistency of these workouts I provide, which ensures predictability and ultimately, safety.